What we do

Farmer training and development

Farmer training and development is essential for the acquisition of the technical skills required to increase productivity. Our farmer training curricula is innovatively designed to meet the skills gap of various class of farmers ( large scale commercial farmers, small scale farmers, semi-commercial farmers, non-poor complex diverse risk prone farmers and poor complex diverse risk prone farmers).

The methodology employed in our farmer training and development is technically designed to engage and create a smart learning environment for farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors. Precision Agriculture technologies/ICT applications are innovatively used to drive our training methodologies.

Our farmer training and development curricula include: farmer group formation and dynamics, farm management, Good Agronomic practices, Agriculture value chain development and management, precision Agriculture technologies, Agribusiness branding, policy engagement, climate smart Agribusiness practices, natural resource conservation and environmental management, peasant and commercial farmer development, etc.

SavaNet-Ghana remains committed to nurturing smart farmers for the establishment of viable farm enterprises that secures the nations food security.


Precision Agricultural Development

SavaNet-Ghana is a leader in precision Agriculture development, as we continue to develop innovative methodologies for the introduction of various precison Agriculture technologies to farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors.

We have innovatively introduced precision Agriculture technologies in the area of: farm area mapping and analysis, Agriculture extension service, soil testing and analysis, record keeping, market access, weather forcast, etc.

The Audio Conferencing for Agriculture extension service is one of our flagship precision Agriculture development projects, that innovatively delivers Agriculture advisory service to farmers.

Every Project we implement have a component of precision Agriculture development, aimed at introducing farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors to the unique benefits of precision Agriculture technologies for increased productivity.

SavaNet-Ghana strives to continue to be a leader in the introduction of various precision Agriculture technologies to farmers for increased Agriculture productivity.


Agribusiness Development and Leadership

The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SavaNet-Ghana) champions youth in Agribusiness development and leadership, for th nurture of transformational young leaders in Agrienterprenurship.

The Agribusiness Innovation Hub (iHub) project is one of the flagship initiatives at SavaNet-Ghana that has created the desired Agribusiness growth environment with pool of innovations for the youth to develop successful Agrienterprises.

At the iHub young Agrienterprenurs have access to Agribusiness coacing, mentorship, Agribusiness branding, town hall Agribusiness policy dialogue, Angel investment opportunities, market access, matchmaking,  precision Agriculture technologies, Agri-apprentiship, value chain leverages, etc.

SavaNet-Ghana has over the years facilitated the development of successful Agribusinesses along the Agriculture value chain. They include: farm enterprises, Agro processing enterprises, Agro input marketing campanies, produce buying campanies, mechanization service providers, etc.

In facilitating the development of Agrienterprises, we focus on leadership skills building for the nurture of transformational leaders in Agribusiness. As part of our Agribusiness development and leadership initiatives is the SavaNet farm enterprise which engages the youth as outgrower farmers. They are provided with the apprentiship needed to become successfl Agrienterprenurs.

We remain committed in addressing the challenge many new entrants in farming face in assessing the resources and skills needed to become successful Agrienterprenurs.


Natural Resource conservation and Environmental Management

Following the essential role that Natural resource conservation and environmental management play in influencing increased Agriculture productivity, SavaNet-Ghana is committed to the conservation of the nations rich natural resources.

SavaNet-Ghana under takes advocacy activities on natural resource conservation and environmental management, aimed at educating farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors on the importance of natural resource conservation for increased productivity.

Natural resource conservation and environmental management are core components of all projects we implement. This is aimed at protecting the environment for sustainable Agriculture production.

SavaNet-Ghana has over the years introduced various climate smart Agriculture practices to farmers and other Agriculture value chain actors, that is promoting climate smart Agriculture production.

Our formation of Eco farmer clubs in farming communities continue to play an essential role in the conservation of natural resources for increased Agriculture production.  We are committed to sustaining our green Agriculture revolution for sustainable Agriculture development.


WASH4 Farmer Development

The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SavaNet-Ghana) is committed to implementing innovative Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) activities for farmer development. SavaNet-Ghana’s work in Water focuses on farmer’s access to safe water and the quality of water they can access.

663 million people across the world are still without access to clean drinking water. 8 out of 10 of these people live in rural areas. 159 million people use untreated water from lakes and rivers.

SavaNet-Ghana’s work on Sanitation focuses on farmer’s access to basic toilets and innovative ways to separate human waste from contact with people and water bodies. Currently, there are 2.4 billion people worldwide who do not use improved sanitation, with 946 million people practicing open defecation.

Our work on Hygiene is aimed at nurturing good hygiene practices, especially hand washing with soap among farmers, their Household and farm workers. SavaNet-Ghana observes the Global Hand washing day (15th October every year) to educate farmers, their household and farm workers to wash their hands with soap after every farm operation.