About the Organisation

The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SavaNet-Ghana) is an Agriculture development organization committed to developing a vibrant youth in Agriculture sector in Ghana for an accelerated Agriculture development. We implement innovative youth in Agriculture development projects, with immense influence in several African countries.

At SavaNet-Ghana, we build bridges between research and practical farming while developing products and services in partnership with other users. We support Ghanaian farmers in deploying the latest knowledge and technology innovatively and efficiently.

We remain a leader in the nurture of Ghana’s next generation of transformational leaders in Agribusiness for a secured food security. We know every generation needs its leaders in Agribusiness and that every leader needs leverages to achieve their goals.

SavaNet-Ghana has created an innovation ecosystem where various Agriculture value chain actors and Agribusiness organizations interact for the development of viable Agribusinesses.  We are the nation’s precision Agriculture technology corridor, with the iHub as our flagship Agribusiness innovation development initiative.

Our Agriculture development initiatives are in the area of:  young farmer development, Agribusiness development and leadership, precision Agriculture development, Natural Resource Conservation and Environmental Management, urban Agriculture development, etc.

The Network is made up of various groups of farmers: large scale commercial farmers, small scale farmers, semi-commercial farmers, non-poor complex diverse risk prone farmers and poor complex diverse risk prone farmers.

It is also made up of a wide range of Agriculture value chain actors e.g. produce buying campanies, mechanization service providers, Aggregators, financial institutions, Angel Investors, Agro input campanies, Agro processing campanies, ware housing campanies, etc.

We remain committed to securing the future of Agriculture in Ghana and Africa as a whole for a secured food security.